Frequently Asked Questions

We completely rebuilt the website and we were unable to transfer your information. You will need to create a new account. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
Unfortunately we no longer have access to your images. We didn’t just update the look of our website, we did an entire rebuild. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
The clock starts when you place your order. If you need SAME DAY service, you must have your order in by 10 am CST. If you place an order after business hours or over the weekend we will start your job the next business day.
Give us a call, we will gladly walk you through the ordering process.

If we make a mistake on your order we will re-print the order and ship it to you at no extra cost to you.

By using the on-line editor, you acknowledge that you are responsible for accurately inputting the correct information. If you are not certain that your Agency’s template is current, please contact your agency before proceeding. HeadShots2Go will update the template upon hearing from the Agency’s authorized representative.

As part of our service, HeadShots2Go will color correct your files as needed. On occasion, we receive images that lack the proper resolution or are poor quality. If the product looks terrible because the image quality is poor, we are limited on what we can do to help. We may try to contact you, but ultimately you are responsible for the images you submit.

We accept many different file formats. Here are some of the most common: JPG, TIF, PDF, PNG
Yes, you can. Show the site to your Agency and have them contact us. We will quickly work with them to place their personalized templates online.
Don’t see an answer to your question? Give us call: 701.369.0349