No one wants a headshot that looks mediocre.

At HeadShots2Go, we know how to make a good print. Actually, the printing is the easy part; the last part of a well planned project. A great Chef would never use anything less than the finest ingredients to create a memorable dining experience. In the same way there are "ingredients" necessary to getting excellent headshot print reproductions.


Of all the spectacular headshots we have printed, there is one thing common to them all, and that is good photography. We can not stress that point far enough. It does not matter how pretty you are, or how good your look was in that image, or your choice of clothing and hair or how good the composition is; if the photography is not good, you will end up with mediocre prints. Remember, your image is your business.

Choose a photographer who can capture your image with the proper Exposure and White balance

If you get back images that are not even close to your skin color (orange / yellow / red), the photographer has not properly set his camera's white balance for that session.

If you get back images that are blown out (the lighter areas are gone to almost white); your images have been over-exposed and probably can NOT be fixed. 

Headshots2Go is not liable to re-print orders that use sub-standard photography. We will correct your files to the best of our ability, but the responsibility lies with you and your photographer. You are responsible to provide a good quality image.


HeadShots2Go will make every effort to follow your instructions and produce the most natural looking, excellent reproduction. We know that your image is your business.

Retouching serves as a simple addition to good photography, not a substitute. Normal retouching could entail some smoothing under eyes, removing blemishes, whiten teeth or eyes, removing shine, minor stray hairs, etc.

Excessive photo editing usually results with a not-so-natural-look.

Template Selection

HeadShots2Go is proud to offer you a comprehensive on-line tool for all your HeadShot printing needs.

You will find that there are HeadShot, CompCard, BusinessCard and PostCard templates to choose from. Some of the available templates are Agency approved layouts, some may not be approved by your Agency.

By using the Creative Headshot Designer Studio on-line, you acknowledge that you are responsible for the spelling of your name and information as well as the accuracy of the template you have chosen. From time to time your talent agency may change their logo, information or layout design. It is the users responsibility to confirm that all specific Agency / Talent  Templates are current and accurate. If you are not certain that your Agency's template is current, please contact your agency before proceeding. HeadShots2Go will update the template upon hearing from the Agency's authorized representative.