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Where to Print Headshots in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Get your headshots printed at Headshots2Go — a professional headshot printing company servicing Sheboygan, WI. We specialize in printing professional, modern headshots, and portraits. We have several top talent agency templates so you can quickly and easily drag-and-drop your images into the required format. If you don’t see your agency represented, create a custom template to your desired specifications. If your agency’s template is not in our database, please contact us about adding it to our website.

Our professional headshot printing services in Sheboygan, WI are always quality-checked for color. We also create smart device-friendly digital images, so you’ll be ready to share your headshots at a casting call, conference, or wherever opportunity strikes.

Need your professional headshots ASAP? Create a free account right now and get standard 2-day, next-day, or same day shipping!

Headshots Printing Collection

Print Your Headshots Online with Headshots2Go!

Easy-to-Use Setup with Prebuilt Templates

Headshots2Go makes the headshot printing experience in Sheboygan, Wisconsin seamless with our fully online and easy-to-use services. Choose from a wide selection of headshot templates, pre-built and ready to customize or one of the many agency approved templates for some of the top talent agencies in the country. We work directly with talent agencies to ensure you get the exact specifications your agency requires. Use our online builder tool to drag-and-drop images into your chosen template. The way your headshots appear on the screen is exactly how they’ll come out from the printer — no surprises. You can order your prints via your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. Go with a fully-online service like Headshots2Go and remove all the guesswork from creating that perfect shot.

Quality of Print

The quality of a headshot can be seriously diminished by using a sub-par printer. That's why Headshots2Go uses the latest printing technology for the highest-quality final results. We print on professional photo paper, which is designed to improve the quality and realness of your images. Furthermore, our experts color-balance each of your prints. Color-balancing adjusts the color spectrum in the photo to make your headshots look natural and vibrant.

Low Prices

Headshots2Go wants to help you save money on your headshot prints. Some Sheboygan, Wisconsin headshot printing companies only take bulk orders. At, you can place orders of all sizes. Order as many or as few headshots as you want — even if you only need a single print. To help keep prices low, we have no set up fees, and we do not charge for custom borders or fonts. Create a free account today to design the headshots you need. Headshots2go is competitively priced, even when compared to local kiosks. Premium quality prints without the high-costs.

Fast Turnaround

What’s better than an easy-to-use, high-quality, online printing service that delivers to Sheboygan, Wisconsin and won't break the bank? A headshot printing service that can do all that lightning fast. No matter how many prints you order, we will ship your headshots within 2 business days. For a small additional fee, we can provide next day shipping. Need your prints even faster? Place your order by 10:00am CST on a business day, and we will ship it out the same day.

Pricing & Shipping Options

Headshot Pricing

  • Single Print $5
  • 5 Prints $18 ($3.60 each)
  • 10 Prints $24 ($2.40 each)
  • 25 Prints $38.75 ($1.55 each)
  • 50 Prints $60 ($1.20 each)
  • 75 Prints $78.75 ($1.05 each)
  • 100 Prints $96 ($0.96 each)
  • 150 Prints $135 ($0.90 each)
  • 200 Prints $160 ($0.80 each)
  • 300 Prints $240 ($0.80 each)

    * Prices do not include sales tax and shipping costs

Turnaround Times

  • Standard (2 Days in Lab)

    Shipping schedule as follows:
    • Orders placed on Monday will ship on Wednesday.
    • Orders placed on Tuesday will ship on Thursday.
    • Orders placed on Wednesday will ship on Friday.
    • Orders placed on Thursday will ship on Monday.
    • Orders placed on Friday will ship on Tuesday.
    • Orders placed on Saturday will ship on Tuesday.
    • Orders placed on Sunday will ship on Tuesday.

  • Expedited (1 Day in Lab)

    Shipping schedule as follows:
    • Orders placed on Monday will ship on Tuesday.
    • Orders placed on Tuesday will ship on Wednesday.
    • Orders placed on Wednesday will ship on Thursday.
    • Orders placed on Thursday will ship on Friday.
    • Orders placed on Friday will ship on Monday.
    • Orders placed on Saturday will ship on Monday.
    • Orders placed on Sunday will ship on Monday.

  • Same Day

    Shipping schedule as follows:
    • Order by 10am CST Monday, ships on Monday.
    • Order by 10am CST Tuesday, ships on Tuesday.
    • Order by 10am CST Wednesday, ships on Wednesday.
    • Order by 10am CST Thursday, ships on Thursday.
    • Order by 10am CST Friday, ships on Friday.
    • Not available for orders placed on Saturday.
    • Not available for orders placed on Sunday.

Shipping Options

We have 5 shipping options:

  1. USPS
  2. FedEx Ground Home Delivery
  3. FedEx Express Saver
  4. FedEx Standard Overnight
  5. FedEx Priority Overnight


How are turnaround times calculated?

  • If you need same day shipping, you must place your order by 10:00am CST.
  • If you place an order after business hours or over the weekend we will start your job the next business day.

How to Print Your Headshots

How to Order Headshot Prints in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Whether you’re an award-winning actor or just starting out, a high-quality headshot is your key to success. You need to choose the best headshot printing company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin to ensure the final result puts your best face forward. That’s where Headshots2Go comes in. Printing your headshots online is fast and easy!
  1. Choose a Template
  2. Select Your Order Options
  3. Customize the Template
  4. Choose a Shipping Option
  5. Complete Your Order
Custom Headshot Templates
Custom Templates
Agency Headshot Templates
Agency Templates
Benefits of Headshot Printing Online

The Benefits of Online Headshot Printing

So you paid big bucks for a professional photographer and now you’re ready to print out the final product. If you think just any local Sheboygan printer will do your headshots justice, think again. You need a professional online printing company to ensure your headshots are exactly as you always imagined — you need Headshots2Go.

Headshots2Go makes it easy to print headshots with borders or even full bleed prints. We offer 24-hour online ordering for the ultimate convenience. Plus, you can check your current order’s progress or re-order your prints from wherever you are. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or out and about, all you need is a laptop or smart device to customize your headshot’s fonts, cropping, and so much more!

Ordering Headshot Prints in Sheboygan, Wisconsin is Fast & Easy!

  • 24-Hour Ordering! Place you order any time any time of day — even in the middle of the night!
  • Get online access to ordering, re-orders, order progress!
  • Do it from your home, office, or phone!
  • Build the headshot the way you want it! You get to choose the options for fonts and cropping.
Pre-Approved Agency Templates for Headshots

What You Need to Know Before Printing Your Headshot

The 4 Types of Headshots

1. Modeling & Pageant Headshots

As a model, your headshot is about more than your face. The best modeling headshots show your body, your profile, and so much more. Makeup should be barely noticeable, and your clothing should highlight your natural figure. From model beauty shots to pageant showcases, our professional printing services can help create images that are just as beautiful as you.

Headshots2Go can handle all kinds of pageants and modeling headshots. Our printing services are ideal for glitzy pageant portraits to the simplest modeling profile shots. We also offer editorial photo printing, ideal for your portfolio or your agency’s catalog.

Modeling Headshot
Commercial Acting Headshot

2. Commercial Acting Headshots

As a commercial actor, your headshot is your #1 marketing tool. Viewers will only have a few moments to connect with you. Agents and casting directors will want to see that you have a face that sells.

Commercial headshots are all about broad appeal. That’s why your headshots should feature you wearing a big smile and light clothes. Lighting should be flat to avoid casting harsh shadows on the planes of your face.

You’ve got to take your headshots seriously if you want agents and commercial casting directors to take you seriously. That’s where Headshots2Go can help. Our color-checked commercial printing services are perfect for creating the aesthetically-pleasing headshots you need to sell your acting skills.

3. Theatrical Headshots

Even if you have the best CV in the stack, you’ll never get past the casting director without a stellar theatrical headshot. Theatrical headshots are the key to getting your name on the callback list, whether you’re auditioning for a play, TV show, or film.

The perfect theatrical headshot will be more dramatic than your commercial portraits, with a smirk or serious look in place of a smile. The lighting and color scheme should be moodier and allow shadows to fall on your face in dramatic ways.

What’s the number one reason TV, film, and theater casting directors are passing you up? It could have to do with how professional your headshot looks. Separate yourself from the amateurs with high-quality professional headshot printing from Headshots2Go. We also offer theatrical headshot printing services for comedians (sitcoms, standup, romantic comedy films, etc.) and dancers (dance auditions, plays, etc.).

Theatrical Headshot
Corporate Executive Headshot

4. Corporate Headshots & Executive Portraits

You worked hard to get where you are. Show off your efforts with a professional corporate headshot or executive portrait.

Standard professional headshots are ideal for business people who need photos for resumes, company websites, or LinkedIn profiles. If you’re a creative professional, you may prefer an editorial-style headshot. These images show you in action on the job and are perfect for use in magazines and online profiles highlighting your work.

Corporate headshots don’t just project your image; they also reflect back on your company. A professional printing service is key to looking good in your new position and making your employers look good, too. Headshots2Go can help you put your best foot forward with professional printing services for corporate headshots and portraits.

Headshot Styles

Editorial Headshots

Editorial headshots allow working professionals to show themselves in action. Get a headshot while directing a boardroom meeting or wearing a hardhat in the middle of a construction site. Our professional headshot printing services will capture all the details of you hard at work on the job.

Some photo printing services can only handle headshots with flat lighting and a neutral background. That’s not Headshots2Go. Our quality-checked color photo printing services are also ideal for editorial-style headshots.

If you need prints or digitals from your editorial modeling shoot, Headshots2Go has you covered. We can handle a wide range of lighting conditions and offer retouching services on every printing order. No matter where your editorial photoshoot takes you, we have the modern tools to bring your images to life.

Professional Headshots

Professional headshots typically feature neutral-colored backdrops and bright lighting to highlight your best features. These photos put all the focus on you, with framing showing the top of the bust and the shoulders. Business casual clothes are standard for professional headshots. Actors and models may prefer a more relaxed outfit.

Professionals know how vital a high-quality headshot is for your career. Yet, did you know something as simple as not getting professional printing can ruin even the highest quality of headshots? That’s why Headshots2Go takes care to print your photos right the first time, every time.

Let Headshots2Go put the final touch on your images with our professional headshot printing services. With two beautiful finish options, you can design and print the headshots you need to advance your career.

Headshot Variations

Headshot Finish Options

Once you’ve picked the right size headshot for your industry, it’s finally time to print. But first, you need to choose the finish that’ll make your headshot stand out from the stack.

Lustre Finish (Semi-Matte)

Lustre is our most popular finish for headshots. Lustre photo prints are a hybrid of glossy photo prints and matte photo prints. Lustre photo prints have rich color saturation that gives a vibrant color finish. Lustre finishes are also highly practical — they don’t show fingerprints. That means your photos will look new even after exchanging multiple hands.

Gloss Finish

Photos printed with glossy finish have a natural shine to them. They are designed to reflect as much light as possible. The colors of glossy photos seem more deep and vibrant. Gloss seems to also add definition to the borders of an image, so images appear brighter and clearer. However, gloss prints do show fingerprints and may scratch easier. Even still, many of our Sheboygan, Wisconsin customers prefer it because of the attention-grabbing final result.

Recommended Headshot Print Sizes​

The industry standard for headshots is 8 inches by 10 inches (8×10).

Headshots for Models & Modeling

Modeling & Pageant

Need to print modeling headshots in Sheboygan, Wisconsin? We print headshots for models in the industry-standard 8×10 size. 8×10 headshots are perfect for adding to your modeling portfolio or submitting to your modeling agency.
Headshots for Actors, Performers & Entertainers

Actors, Performers & Entertainers

Headshots2Go makes it easy to print headshots for actors, performers, and entertainment industry professionals in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The industry-standard size is 8 inches by 10 inches (8×10), which is recommended for the following professions and events: Auditions, Athletes, Babies, Ballet Dancers, Black Actors, Broadway, Child Actors, Comedians, Commercials, Casting Call, Comic Con, Dancers, Dance Competitions, Extras, Film, Fitness Actors, Guys/Girls, Men/Women, Kid Actors, Opera Singers, Older Actors, Pageants, Plus Size, Singers, Social Media, Theater, Theater Auditions, Teenage Actors, Toddlers, Voice Actors, Young Dancers, Young Actors.
Headshots for Executives, Business Professionals & Corporate Websites

Executives & Corporate Websites

Headshots2Go offers a variety of sizes for business professionals to use on websites, business cards, and more. When it comes to printing your headshot, we recommend the 8×10 size for real estate agents, artists, and other professionals, including: Artists, Authors, Creative Professionals, Company Website, Corporate, Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Fitness, Law Firms, Hair Studio, Job Application, Lawyers, LinkedIn, Realtors, Therapists, Writers, Work, Zoom.
Headshots for Administration, Medical & Education

Administration & Professionals

Does your company showcase employees of the month? Or would you like to showcase your hard working staff? Let Headshots2go print your Corporate or Administration portraits. For administration and professional headshots, we recommend the is 8×10 size option.

Professional Printing Services at Headshots2Go

Headshots2Go is a professional printing company serving the Sheboygan, Wisconsin area. We specialize in several professional printing services, including headshot printing, digital headshots, comp card printing, photo printing, and photo retouching.

Headshots2Go specializes in printing high-quality headshots for a variety of industries and events in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. We offer more than 20 different preset agency templates that include your name plus your agency’s branded logo and name. Don’t see your agency represented? Give us a call and we will add your agency’s template into our database. We also provide 10 custom templates that allow you to choose the font, color, and placement of your name on your headshot.

In today’s digital world, your next big gig is just a click away. Make sure you’re always prepared with our new digital headshot services! Choose from our preset agency templates or customize your own to get started. Once you place your order with Headshots2Go, we’ll email the digital file to you, no waiting for shipments required. If you need your headshots fast, our digital headshots are the way to go!
Comp cards (also known as composite cards) are a newer tool for actors and models to market themselves in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. We offer two comp card size options: a one-sided 8×10 comp card and a double-sided 5.5×8.5 comp card. The double-sided comp card features a 5.5 x 8.5 headshot on one side and 3-5 smaller additional shots on the back. These extra shots are important because they show you wearing different facial expressions and outfits. You can even showcase a mix of editorial and professional-style shots. A Headshots2Go comp card is an excellent tool for showcasing your range. We offer two agency-approved comp card templates or the option to customize your own. If you don’t see your agency’s comp card preset represented, give us a call and we will add it to our database.
Want to share your shots with your family and friends? Headshots2Go can produce professional, high-quality photo prints in multiple sizes and styles. Show off your headshot in its full-glory with full-bleed 8×10 prints. You can also choose up to 2 images to feature on our 5×7 traditional photo prints or up to 3 different images to showcase with our 4×6 prints. When you choose Headshots2Go, your photos will be ready to ship within two business days, so you can start handing them out to friends and family!
Need to erase a stain on your shirt or whiten your teeth in your headshot? You can add on Headshots2Go’s high-end retouching services to any order. Our retouching experts are pros at brightening under eyes, cleaning up eyebrows, reducing blemishes, and so much more! Even if you don’t want to take advantage of our expert headshot printing, you can still use our retouching services. Headshots2Go’s experts will retouch your photos while keeping the end-result looking as natural as possible. If you need an extreme retouching job done (e.g., removing braces, changing the color of your shirt, etc.), shoot us an email and we’ll create a custom quote for you.
Headshots2go has your back. We print resumes. Having your resume printed separately allows you to print more headshots and fewer resumes so that you can adjust your resume as it grows. Also, since it is already printed on 8×10 paper, there is no need for you to mess with trimming it down.

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