At HeadShots2Go we have come to understand that all of our customers are unique with different ways of doing things; as such, we realize that not every client or job will fit into the same mold. We want this website to accommodate all our clients needs.

We have designed the On-line HeadShot Creator software to be user friendly and straight forward. There are also price incentives to using the on-line tools. However, If you would prefer to work directly with a HeadShots2Go representative, that is perfectly understandable!

At the bottom of this page you will find instructions and the necessary form(s) to download.


Be assured that you will receive the same great service, quality and print pricing that our on-line customers receive. However, there will be an additional set up or other charge for these off-line services.

Additional Fees

Headshots: $20

Business Cards: $25

Comp Cards: $40 ($20 if you provide print ready files)

Post Cards: $25

Portfolio Prints: $15

Re-order from archive: $7.50

Write to CD $10


These forms should be filled out electronically and emailed back to us. The forms are designed to be edited with Acrobat Reader. We have included a link to download Acrobat Reader if you need it.

download _True Photographic Headshot

download _Digital Litho. Headshot

download _Comp Card

download _Post Card

download _Business Card

Click here for a free version of Adobe PDF Reader


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