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Headshot Templates

Headshot2Go offers a large selection of templates that you can customize by choosing the font, color, and placement of your name. Headshots2Go works closely with several top agencies and we have over 20 pre-approved agency templates. We want to make sure that you are getting the headshots that will get you noticed.
Custom Headshot Templates
Custom Templates
Agency Headshot Templates
Agency Templates

Pricing & Shipping Options

Headshot Pricing

  • Single Print $5
  • 5 Prints $15 ($3 each)
  • 10 Prints $20 ($2 each)
  • 25 Prints $32.50 ($1.30 each)
  • 50 Prints $50 ($1.00 each)
  • 75 Prints $67.50 ($0.90 each)
  • 100 Prints $80 ($0.80 each)
  • 150 Prints $120 ($0.80 each)
  • 200 Prints $150 ($0.75 each)
  • 300 Prints $225 ($0.75 each)

    * Prices do not include sales tax and shipping costs

Turnaround Times

  • Standard (2 Days in Lab)

    Shipping schedule as follows:
    • Orders placed on Monday will ship on Wednesday.
    • Orders placed on Tuesday will ship on Thursday.
    • Orders placed on Wednesday will ship on Friday.
    • Orders placed on Thursday will ship on Monday.
    • Orders placed on Friday will ship on Tuesday.
    • Orders placed on Saturday will ship on Tuesday.
    • Orders placed on Sunday will ship on Tuesday.

  • Expedited (1 Day in Lab)

    Shipping schedule as follows:
    • Orders placed on Monday will ship on Tuesday.
    • Orders placed on Tuesday will ship on Wednesday.
    • Orders placed on Wednesday will ship on Thursday.
    • Orders placed on Thursday will ship on Friday.
    • Orders placed on Friday will ship on Monday.
    • Orders placed on Saturday will ship on Monday.
    • Orders placed on Sunday will ship on Monday.

  • Same Day

    Shipping schedule as follows:
    • Order by 10am CST Monday, ships on Monday.
    • Order by 10am CST Tuesday, ships on Tuesday.
    • Order by 10am CST Wednesday, ships on Wednesday.
    • Order by 10am CST Thursday, ships on Thursday.
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    • Not available for orders placed on Saturday.
    • Not available for orders placed on Sunday.

Shipping Options

We have 5 shipping options:

  1. USPS
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How are turnaround times calculated?

  • If you need same day shipping, you must place your order by 10:00am CST.
  • If you place an order after business hours or over the weekend we will start your job the next business day.

Ordering Your Headshot Online is Fast & Easy

Full-Body Headshot

Order Headshots Anytime, Anywhere

Headshots2Go makes headshot ordering online easy! With our simple-to-use and mobile-friendly services, you can place your order anytime, anywhere. What makes our headshot printing services perfect for you? Our full-bleed headshots come on premium professional photo paper with two high-end finish options. Each order includes our expert color-balancing service to ensure the highest-quality printing job every time. If you need retouching for your headshots, Headshots2Go also offers professional retouching services for an extra charge.

Pre-Approved Agency Templates

If you’re an actor or model, we have a large selection of custom templates and agency templates – all at no additional cost. We provide over 20 acting and modeling agency templates for printing headshots. Don’t see your agency represented? Get in touch with us and we’ll see if we can add it to our database. Or choose from one of 10 different custom templates to pick the font, color, and placement of your name.

Environmental Headshot
Resume Printing Instructions
Once you select a headshot template, click the link to add your resume.

Resume Printing on Back of Headshot (Optional)

Q. Can I get my resume printed on the back of my headshots?

A. Yes you can. It’s easy!

Click on the blue link below, select a template (custom or agency), and click on the “Want your Resume added to the back, CLICK HERE” under the order option section of your selected template. Upload your resume into page 2 of the template, position it, and proceed with your order.

Expedited Shipping Options

Best of all, you won’t have to break the bank to print premium headshots with Headshots2Go. We offer competitive rates and, unlike the competition, allow you to print as many or as few headshots as you want. That’s right: you can even order a single headshot!

In a rush? Headshots2Go ships prints in as few as two days. Choose same day or next day shipping to get your headshot order even faster!

3/4-Length Headshot

Headshot Resources

By most definitions, a headshot is a close range, well-lit shot of you from the shoulders up. In recent years, many photographers have added additional variations to their headshot offerings, such as horizontal headshots, seated headshots, and 3/4-length headshots.

Headshots are actors’ and models’ greatest marketing tools for booking jobs. Corporate headshots are often just as important — they reflect back on you and your company.

A good headshot begins with choosing the right photographer and ends with professional headshot printing. You want to be proud to show off your headshots. That’s why we recommend using a professional photo lab (like us!) to print your headshots.

What you should wear for your headshot depends on your industry. Ultimately, what you wear will often come down to your personal preference or your photographer’s preference.

It is often recommended that actors and models keep their clothing simple for a headshot. Choose muted colors, preferably ones that bring out your eye color. Avoid bright hues and white shades to keep the light focused on your face.

Attire for business headshots can vary a bit more. We generally observe C-level executives going with a business professional look, while other business professionals often get a bit more adventurous with their look. If you’re getting a headshot for an editorial, you can play around a bit more with your outfit. For example, a doctor could wear a white coat to add some personality to the shot.

If you want a professional headshot, we recommend finding a professional headshot photographer in your area. Professional photographers are usually your best bet at capturing the perfect headshot. It will cost more than doing it yourself, but it’s worth it.

Alternatively, today’s technology makes it possible to create DIY headshots with nothing more than your camera phone. If a professional photographer is out of your budget or you want to want to become your own headshot photographer, here are our top tips.

• Always make sure your phone is set to high-resolution mode (HDR)
• Avoid using zoom for the best image quality
• Choose a single-color background and natural lighting
• If you’re shooting outside, make sure the sun is behind you so you won’t look like you’re squinting
• If you’re shooting inside, use a dimmable light when natural lighting isn’t enough.

Whether you go with a professional headshot photographer or you try to create your own DIY headshots, always go with a professional photo lab when printing your headshots. Choose Headshots2Go to make sure your final product looks anything but DIY.

8×10 sized headshots are standard for most industries, including modeling, entertainment, and corporate work.

When getting your headshots printed, you generally have two options:

  1. Online printing
  2. Local photo lab

With the sudden appearance of COVID-19, going to the local photo lab or printing kiosk isn’t as convenient (or maybe even as safe) as it used to be. With online headshot printing at Headshots2Go.com, you can create your headshots online and have them shipped to you – without having to go anywhere.

Headshots2Go prints full-bleed headshots on premium photo paper that comes in two beautiful finishes. Plus, we offer color-balancing and retouching services you won’t be able to find at a printing kiosk near you.

What are you waiting for? Create your free account to get premium headshot printing online with Headshots2Go!

Professional Printing Services at Headshots2Go

Headshots2Go is a professional printing company and photo lab that specializes in several professional printing services, including headshot printing, digital headshots, comp card printing, photo printing, and photo retouching.