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Photo Retouching Services

Get Your Headshots & Images Retouched

Retouching Without Ordering Prints

High quality retouching is all about keeping details and texture intact in an image so that it looks as natural as possible. Making sure the picture looks un-retouched but just enhanced is our goal.

Please add specific details for your retouch order in the additional instruction field. Your image will be emailed to you when the retouching is complete.

Want to change the color of your shirt, remove your braces, or something totally custom? Email us at for a custom quote.

Photo Retouching (Before & After)

Pricing & Turnaround Times


  • Eyes - Under/Around, Brighten/Whiten $15
  • Clean Up Eyebrows $10
  • Whiten Teeth $5
  • Smooth Chapped Lips $10
  • Blemishes (Minor) $15
  • All Over Acne $25
  • Smooth Complexion $15
  • Tone Down Shine $10
  • Lines on Forehead $10
  • Clean Up Hairline $10
  • Stray Hairs on Face $10
  • Stay Hairs Around Head $10

Turnaround Times

  • Standard (1 Day in Lab)

    Shipping schedule as follows:
    • Orders placed on Monday will ship on Tuesday.
    • Orders placed on Tuesday will ship on Wednesday.
    • Orders placed on Wednesday will ship on Thursday.
    • Orders placed on Thursday will ship on Friday.
    • Orders placed on Friday will ship on Monday.
    • Orders placed on Saturday will ship on Monday.
    • Orders placed on Sunday will ship on Monday.


How are turnaround times calculated?

  • If you place an order after business hours or over the weekend we will start your job the next business day.

Getting Your Photos Retouched is Fast & Easy

Photo Retouching Experts

Heashots2Go has offered online photo retouching for nearly 20 years, so you know you can trust us to get the job done right. Having worked with big-name customers like Omni Hotels and Neiman Marcus, our expert artists can handle everything from beauty to commercial advertising image retouching.

Our retouchers specialize in high-resolution retouching, also known as photo realistic retouching. This premium high-end retouching technique keeps pixels intact for natural-looking details and textures. Your photos will look like they haven’t been edited at all!

You don’t want casting directors to notice that you had headshot retouching done — they want to see the real you. Even if you’re retouching photos for friends and family only, you don’t want your loved ones doing a double-take. That’s why our retouching experts work to keep you looking like yourself, just better.

Photo Retouching (Before & After)
Photo Retouching (Before & After)

For All Your Retouching Needs

Need photo retouching online but don’t want to take advantage of our printing services? No problem! Upload your images and choose the retouching services you need. It’s that easy!

Our photo retouching experts can handle everything from whitening the eyes and teeth to smoothing chapped lips and lines on the forehead. Leave us specific details about your retouching needs and, once our experts perfect your shots, we’ll email your order straight to your inbox.

Photo Retouching Resources

Professional retouching is an advanced type of photo editing. Photo retouching services remove skin flaws and correct lighting your photographer may have overlooked.

At Headshots2Go, we offer the following retouching services:

  • Removal of minor skin flaws, including blemishes, acne, razor burn, facial hair, wrinkles and fine lines, smile lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, expression lines, eye bags, and dark circles
  • Lighting correction to reduce glare or eliminate shadows
  • Hair placement, including removing a hair from your face or hairs stuck in lipstick, cleaning up the eyebrows and hairline, and removing stray hairs from the crown of the head
  • Eye enhancement retouching services like brightening the whites of your eyes and color saturation editing to make your eye color pop

Have a special retouching request not listed here? Send us an email at to get a custom retouching quote.

When it comes to photo retouching, you get what you pay for. If you choose an inexpensive retouching service, your photos will most likely come out looking cheap.

Headshots2Go has 20 years of retouching experience and hundreds of happy customers. Our prices are competitive, and we add a personal touch to all your retouching orders. That way, you always get exactly what you pay for with Headshots2Go.

Headshots2Go’s a la cart photo retouching services menu allows you to create a custom retouching package. We have lower-priced services like teeth whitening ($5) plus more advanced retouching, including minor blemish touch-ups ($15) and acne removal ($25).

Want to save on professional retouching? Headshots2Go also offers pre-built packages to help cut your costs by bundling our most requested retouching services.

High-end retouching requires more than a simple filter. That’s why you need professional photo retouching for your most important pictures.

Premium retouching can take several hours of work to ensure the end result looks natural. Expert retouchers use advanced programs to apply special filters and use matte-ifying brushes to improve the look of skin. They have to tweak the automatic settings to ensure photos don’t come out looking plastic and fake.

If you’re looking for premium retouching to enhance your photos without looking unnatural, you need Headshots2Go.

Professional Printing Services at Headshots2Go

Headshots2Go is a professional printing company and photo lab that specializes in several professional printing services, including headshot printing, digital headshots, comp card printing, photo printing, and photo retouching.